OxyStrip Air Strippers: No Fouling, No Clogging…EVER

The OxyStrip Air Stripping system is the only truly non-clogging, non-fouling air stripper in the marketplace.  The OxyStrip system has been used to strip ammonia from Leachate and VOC’s and CO2 from groundwater that would destroy a typical air stripper in a matter of days.   The system is mechanically efficient and requires little or no attention or maintenance.  Since its inception,  the OxyStrip has been subjected to some of the worst water on earth and came through with flying colors.  We always welcome a challenge.

Instead of packing or trays, our OxyStrip system utilizes the Oxygenator Nozzle which uses mechanical energy derived from a pressure differential and extreme turbulence to strip compounds from the water passing through.    This same device has been used  to pump wastewater, sludge and septage, so a little groundwater is not going to bother it.   The OxyStrip System is designed to accommodate and handle suspended solids as well as dissolved solids such as iron, manganese, calcium and chlorides without fouling.

The OxyStrip is offered in a number of configurations depending on the stripping requirements and can handle virtually any flowrate.   This system can also be configured to strip compounds while also directly oxidizing metals or Hydrogen Sulfide (we do not strip H2S, we oxidize it first).  The OxyMetals System has been developed for applications where the metals removal is required.