Acid Mine Drainage (AMD)

Theia offers innovative solutions for water treatment that are designed for the site and the customer. While the word “custom” normally means expensive, that is now how Theia does it. We engineer a solution for the site by working with you and with your site, utilizing what is already there when possible to reduce capital costs.   Often there is infrastructure like tanks or lagoons, etc that can be utilized as part of the treatment plan.

Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) mostly contains high levels of iron as well as sulfide compounds. Secondary contaminants include manganese as well as other metals. Additionally, the water is typically low in pH as well as alkalinity.

Theia offers solutions for these issues which can be utilized alone or combined to treat all of these issues. We can utilize existing lagoons and ponds and offer an inline pretreatment system which can pH adjust, add alkalinity, oxidize iron and manganese and other metals, and add polymers inside of a single pipe.  Like all the solutions that Theia offers, our AMD treatment technologies are designed to be simple to operate and require little attention from the operator and, of course require little maintenance.

  • Iron & Sulfide Oxidation
  • pH & Alkalinity
  • Settling
  • Sludge Handling