Ammonia Removal

Ammonia Removal can often be an expensive and difficult process but it does not have to be.  Theia offers two innovative approaches that  can tackle virtually any level of ammonia while requiring very little of the operator and offering the lowest operating costs of any treatment technology.  Our secret weapon is our Icarus media.  Icarus delivers the alkalinity needed for these solutions at a fraction of a cost of lime or other calcium products.

Theia’s Ammonia treatment solutions can be utilized together or alone.

Ammonia Stripping with the Oxystrip System

Air stripping is an effective means of removing Ammonia but often the water that contains it can render most air strippers useless.   The OxyStrip System is not your normal air stripper.  The system can handle any water without clogging or fouling.  Don’t believe us, give it a try.   In the meantime, you will find below a few images which may make you a believer.

Biological Treatment

Theia offers a very efficient and cost effective biological treatment solution for oxidizing Ammonia.  Our approach is simple and can utilize existing lagoons, ponds or tanks.

Step One:  Aerate & Mix  Theia’s Oxygenator system is the most efficient and effective aeration & mixing technology in the market  and requires very little maintenance or attention from the operator.

Step Two: Provide the Right Bacteria  Theia’s Bioaugmentation system introduces healthy beneficial bacteria to the water which consume the organic waste and oxidize nitrogen molecules like Ammonia.  Unlike traditional treatment technologies, we generate little or no sludge, and limited odor .  The system uses specifically developed microbes that are present in a patented media and are produced on a constant basis.  This bacteria does not require packing or sludge to cling to.