Biological Treatment

Theia offers a range of solutions which utilize bacteria to break down specific wastes like TBA, MTBE, TPH, etc  as well as general treatment goals like BOD and COD reduction. Many Biological Treatment Systems  are large, expensive, and often complicated.  They do not have to be.  Theia offers a very simple and relatively inexpensive solution for high BOD wastewater as well as for leachate and other difficult wastewater.  The system also works well on standard domestic wastewater.  Unlike traditional treatment technologies, we generate little or no sludge, and limited odor combined with very low operating costs and limited maintenance requirements.

Our Biological Systems for treating wastewater utilize a revolutionary, patented US technology that harnesses the power of nature to treat all types of wastewater.  The system uses specifically developed microbes that are present in a patented media and are produced on a constant basis .  These microbes are combined this with a highly efficient but simple aeration technology to mix these microbes together with the oxygen throughout the tank.

The technology can be applied using existing tanks, new tanks and it is effective in tanks, lagoons, ponds, etc.  We also offer this technology coupled with the world’s most efficient aeration and mixing systems.

  • Very low operating costs
  • Low capital costs
  • Safe operation
  • Little or no maintenance
  • No chemicals
  • No secondary waste
  • Little or NO sludge

We offer full systems for eliminating ammonia from wastewater or can add this step to our standard systems for BOD/COD reduction.