Activated Carbon, Clay and Zeolite

 Theia is your one source.

Theia offers activated carbon and dry media for the treatment of water, air, and gas. We also offer dry medias for the removal or inorganic molecules such as metals and nutrients 

We have over 30 years of experience in applying activated carbon to a wide range of applications. We provide technical and de- sign guidance in the most effective application of activated carbon and other medias. This support includes activated carbon usage calculations, media selection and comparison, and troubleshooting issues. Theia works as part of your team to help you find the best solution for the application, your site and your budget. We offer vacuum removal and rebedding services and performance analysis.

Theia offers a wide range of activated carbon medias including virgin and reactivated carbon, organo clay and specialized media for removal of:


Hydrogen Sulfide





Theia offers a full line of treatment equipment for utilizing activated carbon.
Water Treatment equipment

Air Treatment 
Odor control 
Landfill/Digester Gas

We also offer organoclay media for the removal of higher levels of organic molecules. This time tested technology is excellent for treatment after oil/water separators and as a pretreatment for activated carbon