Theia offers traditional as well as customized and mobile clarifiers and clarification systems.

Inclined Plate Clarifiers

Two different models to fit your needs, one for solids separation only (LP Model) and another for solids separation with traces of oil

Mobile Plate Clarifiers

A drop-in inclined plate assembly that will convert a frac tank into a fully operating Inclined Plate Clarifier.

Modular Plate Settlers

Drop-in plate settlers for large concrete basins, primarily used for solids separation in wastewater treatment facilities.

While we offer standard sizes and design all of our products are customizable.  Size, dimensions, material of construction, plate spacing and angle of repose can be altered to suit your application.  A wide variety of options are also available.

We offer our clarifiers as stand alone equipment for sale or lease or combined with chemical pretreatment, mixing ( flash and floc) tanks, sludge removal and dewatering,  as well as polishing filters after the clarification step.