EZ Sludge System

Sludge Dewatering Made Simple

Theia’s EZ Sludge dewatering technology is the low cost, high volume solution for dewatering solids generated from a wide range of applications.  The system has no belts or plates and does not require much, if any attention from the operator.  Volume reductions are similar to those achieved by filter presses at a fraction of their capital or operating costs.   The EZ Sludge System is effective on a wide range of solids/sludges and is available for lease as well as purchase.

The EZ Sludge System starts with specially designed reusable filter bags that are constructed of high-strength, permeable, specially engineered textiles designed for containment and dewatering of high moisture content sludge and sediment.  The filters are placed into specially designed dewatering containers that maximize surface area and recover all water automatically.  Sludge can be removed in a variety of ways through a simple push button system or through manual lifting of the filters out of the box.