Theia offers a range of filtration technologies for addressing your solids removal requirements.  Whether these solids are very large or very small, we can help. As with everything we do, we offer whatever scope of supply your project requires. We work with you to select the best technology and sizing for the project and fit the design and the scope with your budget and your capabilities.


SC Filters:   these unique membrane filters can remove solids down to 0.04 microns and can be configured to operate like sand filters or like traditional membranes.  SC filters are the toughest filters on the planet, constructed of pure silicon carbide and, because they are membranes, can handle solids or up to 5%.

LBW Filters are disc filters capable of handling virtually any level of solids and can remove particulate down to 10 microns making them a good substitute for either replaceable filters or sand filters.  Unlike Sand Filters, they are very compact and generate very small volumes of backwash water.

SF Filters are deep bed filters using sand or other filtration medias.  These filters are available in a variety of materials and in virtually any flow rate.  Theia’s take on this traditional filter is a little different in that our systems do not require a storage tank and pump for backwash.  Also, these filters are available with one option you will see nowhere else, the EZ Sludge backwash handling system.

Theia also offers bag and cartridge filters and filter systems.  These system utilize standard bag or cartridge filters and are packaged for your requirements.  Theia will work with you to select the best design for your application.

Systems are available for sale, rent, or lease as well as for pilot tests. Some systems are available for rapid response. Systems are prepiped and ready to go with whatever degree of automation, including gauges, meters, relief valves, and meters.