H2S Elimination

Often the best way to reduce or eliminate odors and corrosion is to prevent them from occurring in the first place.  Theia offers the most effective and efficient means of eliminating Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), the main cause of odors and corrosion in wastewater collection systems.

The Oxygenator: the most efficient means of eliminating existing Hydrogen Sulfide and preventing the formation of H2S accomplishes this goal using nothing but air.  Unlike many late comers pushing needlessly complicated gadgets which cost a lot of money, the original, the Oxygenator, is the still the best solution for reducing or eliminating odors and corrosion in your collection systems.

Our system eliminates H2S that is already existing in your system, converting it to Soluble Sulfates while saturating your wastewater with oxygen to prevent the formation of any H2S in the future.

Change the environment, change the biology, change the results.

Chemical Treatment

TA-LIQ-OC – Eliminate Odors and Corrosion – with a little chemistry.   Unlike other chemicals, this product eliminates H2S PERMANENTLY. We convert H2S into water soluble Poly-Sulfide that will not be reduced back into H2S no matter how long it is in the system.

Because TA-LIQ-OC ONLY reacts with H2S allowing it to be added at any place in the system.  TA-LIQ-OC is non-hazardous and does not freeze or separate. Thus, there are no handling concerns and no concerns about storage. We require a lot less volume so we can usually just deliver in drums or totes with no need for bulk storage.  TA-LIQ-OC does not alter the wastewater nor does it need to be removed when it reaches the plant.