Inline Aeration

Theia offers systems which can add any level of dissolved oxygen to existing (or new) wastewater collection or discharge piping.  The system takes in a slip stream of the main flow supersaturates it with oxygen and then mixes that supersaturated stream with the main flow.  This approach is effective in eliminating or preventing Hydrogen Sulfide in the wastewater and head space as well as for driving up the Dissolved Oxygen levels prior to discharge for wastewater plants.

Theia has applied these technologies for many years for eliminating and preventing sulfide formation in collection system piping as well as prior to biological processes.   Recently, we have developed the capability of performing this aeration without the need of storage or pump stations.  The system uses a unique inline pumping system that can be utilized on gravity or low pressure pipes.

The Inline Aeration System can be utilized to :

  • Increase dissolved oxygen for the discharge of wastewater systems
  • Eliminate and prevent H2S
  • Directly oxidize metals like iron and manganese
  • Aerate prior to a biological treatment system