Iron Treatment

Remove iron from your water without chemicals and without fuss

The OxyMetals system utilizes our OxyStrip System to directly oxidize iron and manganese using air alone.   The system is simple and cost effective and requires minimal attention and maintenance.  The system can be optimized for metals removal or for air stripping or can be set up to do both.

The OxyMetals system directly oxidizes the metals as well as Hydrogen Sulfide by exposing it to oxygen derived from ambient air.  There is no submerged aeration equipment, so there is nothing to foul. The OxyMetals system provides powerful mixing which enhances the co-precipitation of Arsenic and Lead and can also accommodate the injection of scavengers for removing other metals as well as polymers to aid in settling and filtration.

Once the metals are precipitated, we offer a variety of removal technologies including our SC microfilters which can remove the precipitated metals without the use of any chemicals.  These unique membrane filters are the toughest filters on the planet, made from silicon carbide, and can be set up to run just like sand filters or can be set up to operate like traditional membranes, depending on the application.   The filters automatically clean themselves.  We can also utilize cartridge filters, disc filters or sand filters.

These filtration systems remove the metals and other particulates from the water, but these solids still need to be dealt with.   The EZ Sludge System is  a simple yet efficient and effective system for dewatering the sludge and backwash from the removal of iron and metals.  Backwash from the filters is sent directly to the EZ Sludge System.  The EZ Sludge System achieves the same volume reduction as a filter press at a fraction of the cost and does not require an operator.