MTBE/TBA Treatment

MTBE continues to be a problem for anyone who is cleaning up , relying on, or otherwise dealing with groundwater. Though some solutions have emerged, no single one is effective for all applications. Fortunately, TDM offers multiple solutions to deal with this contaminant. As with everything else we do, we offer single stage solutions to address MTBE as well as turnkey systems that include these solutions as well as treatment anything else in the water.

We also offer solutions for treating TBA (Tert Butyl Alcohol) a far more difficult challenge. Though the options are more limited, we can help you find the right one for your application.

  • Blological treatment
  • Ozone/Hydroxyl
  • Carbon/Media

We offer custom built systems for longer term applications as well as standard systems for lease. These systems feature options such as heat, lights, separate control rooms, wireless remote telemetry . Additionally, these systems come with pretreatment/post treatment.

We offer full control panels with our systems or with your systems – these panels are built in a UL shop and include any level of control and remote telemetry you require – we also offer a variety of instrumentation.

We offer systems for water treatment for any size project you have. These packaged systems are typically available on short notice, including emergency response. We can provide operators and guarantee up time or we will deliver them and hand them off to your operators.