Oil/Water Separators and systems for free product removal and recovery

Oil/Water are often a good first step to treat any water source is to separate the free phaseproduct from the water. Theia offers a number of Oil/Water Separator solutions including both mechanical/physical and chemical/physical separation systems which break up the emulsions that can form.

Theia offers turnkey solutions which go beyond the Oil/water separators themselves. For tougher applications we offer specially designed separation tanks which can be placed prior to the oil/water separator as well as dissolved air flotation and chemical.

Oil/Water Separators – brochure

Theia offers standard and custom designed Oil/Water Separators for virtually any flowrate. If it floats we will re-move it and if it doesnt, we also offer DNAPL units for the removal of those liquids which are heavier than water. Oil/Water separators come in a number of shapes and configurations as well as different materials. We also offer our unique dropin units which make an existing tank into an oil/water separator. We offer:

•Standard rectangular Oil/water separators in carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, Polyethylene or PVC

•Cylindrical Oil/water separators in Polyethylene or carbon steel

•Drop in Oil/water separators in stainless steel or aluminum

For down well applications, Theia also offers both passive and active free product removal skimmers and pumps.

 Enhanced Separation when an Oil/water separator is not enough

Sometimes gravity and time are not sufficient to get the separation you require. Physical and chemical emulsions can work their way through the separator and into the effluent. Conglomerations of solids and emulsified product can create globswhich do not really float or sink and end up clogging conventional separators.