Oxygen Injection

Direct Oxygen Injection Can Reduce Power Usage by 60%

While Oxygen is critical to many processes, delivering that oxygen to the process can require a lot of energy.  We can help you reduce this energy use while making your process more efficient using oxygen injection instead of air.

Theia offers state-of-the-art oxygen production systems that are compact, efficient, and cost effective as well as the most efficient means of injecting and mixing this oxygen into your process.  This combination will not only drastically reduce your energy use, but will also reduce your maintenance time and costs. We can often shrink the installed horsepower in half or even more by converting to direct oxygen injection.

The idea is a great one, but not all systems are created equal nor will work for your plant.  Some systems are complicated and require a lot of maintenance but this does not have to be the case.  Theia and its team offer on-site oxygen production along with the most efficient means on earth to get the oxygen into your wastewater.  Systems using submerged diffusers are not nearly as efficient or effective  and delivering this oxygen to your wastewater.   While these systems look good on paper, they never seem to deliver their promised results.

Like all of our systems, we place nothing inside the tank that will ever clog or foul.  Thus, what maintenance is required is done standing on dry land and working on familiar technology like centrifugal pumps.  We provide a simple VSA oxygen generator that uses a blower and a zeolite bed and that is it.

Why our system is more energy efficient?

Our system efficiently mixes oxygen into the wastewater by shearing the wastewater and directly putting the oxygen into contact with your most oxygen deficient areas.  Our pressure drop is far lower than competing technologies while our mixing is more effective.  We work with you to design a system specifically for your tank and your application.  Due to our thorough mixing and turnover, we assure that your tank has the same DO levels everywhere so that your DO measurements are accurate and we do not over-aerate or under-aerate.  For processes that utilize the same tank for anoxic treatment,  like MBR’s and SBR’s, our process assures the fastest turn-over from one to the other.  We can equip our system with controls which allow it to continue mixing while not injecting any air or oxygen.