Drinking Water Treatment

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Drinking Water Treatment

The United States is blessed to have bountiful sources of good quality water for its citizens to consume as well as households uses such as laundry. However, even here, in what is considered to be the most technologically advanced and wealthy nation on earth, this is a gift we cannot afford to take for granted.

One of the reasons that Theia was founded was to do what we could to assure that all Americans and, someday, all of earth’s inhabitants have access to clean water. Theia offers solutions for removing dangerous contaminants such as volatile organic contaminants, toxic metals and minerals, and now man made contaminants such as PFAS. We also offer effective solutions for removing compounds which, while not toxic, can cause health issues or make water otherwise undrinkable, such as iron and H2S.


Theia approaches this effort as it does other areas of the environment. That is, bring more efficient and effective solutions to the marketplace to help achieve the goal. We do not try and take on every application and, where there are already good solutions, we are happy to leave those areas to the companies that have already put in the effort to develop those solutions. We focus on those areas where we bring something truly superior to  the market and we continue to refine and improve these solutions. 

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Theia, LLC is currently exhibiting at the WEF Collections 2018 show in Virginia Beach, VA. Stop by booth # 419 for some info on our Oxygenator and Prometheus Systems! 

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Theia & IMEX will be attending WEFTEC in Chicago, IL next week. If you are in the area, exhibiting, or attending, give us a shout and we can set up a meeting or discussion to go over your water and/or wastewater needs. We have over 20 years of experience in the...

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Video Proof of our OxyStrip

Theia's OxyStrip Battles Iron in Rhode Island Take a look at our video to see the OxyStrip in action.  We had many doubters but our OxyStrip won the battle!

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