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Theia offers a number of solutions which can be mobilized to the site to address shorter term or faster paced requirements.    For applications where the duration of the project is uncertain, Theia will work with your team to provide a long or short term lease, lease to purchase or even a purchase buy-back arrangement.   We want to deliver you the best treatment process for the lowest total cost to you. 


We can drop ship the equipment or bring it to you and set it up or assist with the set up.  Every project has different challenges and we are flexible on the scope of supply and work we will provide to you and your team.


Some of the Solutions we offer for short and long term rentals include (but are not limited to): Carbon Equipment, Groundwater Treatment Systems, Oil Water Separators, Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers, Filters, Air Strippers, Pumps and Hoses, Sludge Dewatering, Clarifiers, and Polymer/Chemical Feed systems.

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