Removing VOCs & Other Organics from Water

When it comes to removing unwanted organic material from water there are certainly a variety of ways to accomplish the goal. Theia offers a number of choices and will work with you to help determine which is best for your application.

It is always important to remember that there is no single technology that is the best for every applications. The choice depends on a lot of factors, some of which have to do with your application and some that have to do with your facility and your priorities. Theia will provide you with the options and the information to help you and your team make an informed decision. If you would prefer, we can design and build the system based only on the criteria you set and make the selection based on those criteria.

We understand that every customer’s level of involvement and required scope of supply is different and we are prepared to work with you in whatever capacity is required for the most successful approach.

Some of these removal technologies include:

  • Adsorption (carbon/zeolite)
  • Mechanical separation (free product)
  • Ozone Treatment
  • Air Stripping
  • Biological destruction

Many times, your application may require more than one technology for optimum results. We can package these together on open skids or can provide the treatment system inside a fully enclosed treatment shed or building. These systems will also include whatever level of control and remote telemetry you require.

Theia and our team will be happy to set up a pilot test at your facility or test the water at ours to verify the treatability, etc. We can also lease you the treatment system if you are not sure or if your needs are temporary.