Siloxanes Treatment

Removing Siloxanes from landfill and digester gas is important for the operation and maintenance of power generating equipment as well as the ancillary equipment used to handle the gas.

Theia offers solutions which are designed for your gas stream and your site.  Siloxanes can vary substantially in their molecular weight and relative volatility which means that a monolithic approach may not be the most effective.  Additionally, with Silanes and Silanols becoming more of an issue, the solution may also need to address these lighter compounds.

Despite the complexity of the application, Theia provides simple solutions that are reliable and proven and are very economical.  These solutions utilize one or more of our dry media’s which directly adsorb the contaminants.

The media is typically replaced as it becomes spent and then reactivated.  We offer a wide selection of equipment designs which are easy to service.

Theia also offers media for removing volatile organic compounds as well as H2S and offers equipment for filtering and drying your gas stream.  We can even boost your gas pressure.