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What’s going on with Theia, LLC?

Browse through some of Theia’s successful projects and pilot tests. If you are interested in learning more about our products and services please contact Theia to set up a site visit.

Theia Purges H2S from Gas Pipes

Theia was contacted by an environmental consultant to help out with a fast paced and very strategic gas treatment project.  Their client, a New York based energy management company, was installing a permanent H2S (hydrogen sulfide) treatment system for digester gas at...

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Theia Replaces Iron Sponge in More Locations

In the past 2 years, Theia Air has been busy helping customers that were having major operating issues with their Gas Treatment Systems.  We have been replacing their iron sponge media with our H2S Rex media, eliminating operational issues and improving the...

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The Oxygenator Eliminates H2S in Produced Water

Theia was contacted by a customer who provides treatment systems for water coming from fracking and other drilling operations.   In this case, they were looking at treating sour produced water at a site in Texas.  The challenge was to treat and remove the...

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Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

The Future of Sustainable Wastewater Treatment is Here Conventional wastewater treatment plants are large, expensive and inefficient.   Treated water is often wasted through discharge to open waters or evaporation.   With the world facing a long-term crisis with...

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Theia Effectively Removes BOD

Theia Effectively Removes BOD A pet food manufacturer with a plant in northeastern Pennsylvania needed to make improvements to their wastewater lagoon.  Although their DAF system was effectively removing the majority of their BOD, their existing surface aeration...

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OxyStrip Takes On Harsh Groundwater

The OxyStrip System Takes on Groundwater A large multinational engineering firm was tasked with designing a groundwater treatment system for one of the world’s largest chemical companies in a scenic area in eastern Michigan.   The design for the system required an air...

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Theia Cleans Up Iron & VOC’s with One System… Again

Theia Cleans Up Iron & VOC’s... Again Site location: West Virginia Challange: A major US chemical company has a site in West Virginia that requires groundwater treatment.  As with many sites, while organic contaminants were the main target of the cleanup, iron and...

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Theia’s OxyStrip System Takes on Leachate

The OxyStrip System Takes on Leachate . . .  and Wins This indestructible air stripper has taken on iron, mud, sewage and now, leachate!! Theia has been helping a consulting engineer that is well known in the Solid Waste Industry with the design of an upgrade to an...

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