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What’s going on with Theia, LLC?

Theia LLC was formed to provide better solutions for existing environmental challenges and to help drive innovation to address the new challenges that came along. We have often turned the process and the industry upside down in the process and we have a lot left to do.

The following is a sample of some of the projects we have completed. We do not list the customer’s name or exact location in most cases but can often provide that information if needed. Though we want the world to see what we are doing, our customer’s privacy is also very important and we do not believe it is necessary to broadcast that information.

Air Stripping & Iron Removal

OxyStrip gets high efficiency removal of Benzene despite “impossible” water

Theia’s Air Stripping system was described as “the only air stripping system that even had a prayer of working” by the global environmental consultant that selected us … and work it did. Read more.

OxyStrip System removes ammonia from leachate

The Oxystrip has yet to lose a challenge and this one was no different. Theia successfully stripped ammonia from the worst leachate the landfill had to offer and kept it simple. Read more.

Customer uses multiple modular OxyStrip Systems to remove iron and VOC’s on
large site.

This large site has substantial iron loading that would have quickly clogged the collection system piping. Theia provided three(3) OxyStrip modular systems to remove the iron and VOC’s out in the collection field and then pumped the water back to a main treatment system (which Theia also provided). Read more.

Theia Takes on Iron Using an Air Stripper . . . the full scale performance

Following the groundbreaking pilot test, Theia built a full treatment system which utilized the OxyStrip to remove the majority of the chlorinated solvents, 99% of the iron, 99% of the arsenic. . . without the use of any chemicals. Read more.

Theia Takes On Iron Using an Air Stripper . . the pilot test that blew minds

The OxyStrip was introduced to the world and made quite a first impression. We directly oxidized 60 mg/l of iron while stripping the chlorinated solvents using nothing but air. These feats were deemed impossible by RIDEP which also stated that we could not co-precipitate the arsenic in the water. . . spoiler alert they were wrong about that as well. Read more.

Theia’s Oxygenator Eliminates H2S without Chemicals

For over 40 years, the Oxygenator nozzle has successfully converted H2S to S or SO4 using nothing but air and this site is no different. The Oxygenators were placed into three(3) lift stations which eliminated virtually all the H2S reaching the plant. Read more.

The Oxygenator Eliminates H2S in Produced Water using nothing but air

The Oxygenator is the most efficient and cost effective means of directly oxidizing H2S present in a variety of sources. Produced water is notorious for High sulfides as well as very difficult water quality. . . the results were eye opening. Read more.

Teaching an old system new tricks 

Theia upgrades an existing groundwater treatment system to add treatment for MTBE and TBA as well as removal of Zinc. The system was modular to allow it to be transported to the site and fit into a tight space without having to remove/move the existing treatment system. Read more.

Lakes & Ponds

Theia Gives a Pond a Makeover 

Storm water retention ponds are a critical part of any construction site or development.  However, they can quickly turn into a nuisance for homeowners and contractors. Read more.

Wastewater Treatment

Prometheus -The Future of Sustainable Wastewater Treatment is Here

Prometheus is a wastewater purification and resource recovery system which requires a fraction of the space, operating energy or cost of a conventional wastewater treatment system. Theia is serious about sustainability and this is one major step towards that goal. Read more.

Aeration: Theia reduces BOD using the Oxygenator Aeration System, cuts power use by 75%

The Oxygenator reduced the operating horsepower from 400 hp to a little under 100 hp while improving the wastewater quality and eliminating the odor issues at the plant. Not bad for a days work. Read more.

Gas/Vapor Treatment

Gas Treatment to go

Theia provides a portable treatment system to treat vapors from line purging. Read more.

Theia provides an innovative solution to address Dangerous Tank Vapors

Safety and Environmental Compliance through Innovation: Theia designed and built a treatment system to address very hazardous vapors for a leader in the chemical storage and transportation services. The carbon system allows for replacement of the media without any external equipment. Read more.

Theia Removes High Levels of H2S in NE

This New Hampshire based landfill was in a bind when it saw the H2S levels in its methane recovery system jump towards 1000 ppmv. Once again, Theia was able to come to the rescue by delivering a treatment system within 2 weeks that utilizes its high efficiency H2S removal media. Read more.

Theia replaces Iron sponge and forever changes the LFG treatment market

Theia was contacted by a large PA based landfill that was selling its gas to a local Utility. The H2S levels were beyond the level at which the utility could safely utilize the gas. Theia implemented the first H2S treatment system for landfill gas that utilizes activated carbon and got the H2S under control quickly. Because the customer had already purchased an iron sponge system, the system was only temporary. . . or was it? Read more.

Theia replaces iron sponge in digester gas applications

In the past several years, Theia has been busy helping customers that were having major operating issues with their Gas Treatment Systems. We have been replacing their iron sponge media with our H2S media, eliminating operational issues, increasing safety, and improving gas production. Read more.

Theia H2S media beats out all other technologies

After an exhaustive review, the conclusion, according to the consultant was obvious. So, obvious that the consultant’s main concern was, “why the heck isn’t everyone using your system?” Yes, the burden of being a small company with great ideas!!! Read more.

Theia Beats out all other dry medias . . . again

Theia is more than just great H2S media. We also supply the best gas treatment equipment and systems in the industry and have a number of options based on the budget and the design that the customer wants to implement. Read more.

PFAS/PFOS Treatment

PFAS/PFOS Treatment: Theia launches a pilot test system with full scale results

Challenge: a large environmental engineering company contacted Theia Water about PFOS issues in stormwater at one of its client sites in the mid-west. Read more.

Theia’s 2nd pilot/full scale system removes PFAS compounds from leachate

Landfills are seeing PFAS show up in their leachate around the country. As these levels rise, they may no longer be able to send this leachate to their local POTW without first removing the PFAS. Read more.

Air Stripping & Iron Removal
Lakes & Ponds
Wastewater Treatment
Gas/Vapor Treatment
PFAS/PFOS Treatment