Landfill/Digester Gas Treatment

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Landfill/Digester Gas Treatment

For many years, operators of landfill or digester gas plants had few choices for their gas treatment, and none of them were good. Iron sponge and other ancient technologies dominated the landscape.  

Theia changed the landscape when we launched our first landfill gas treatment system in 2013 and nothing has been the same since. Theia is a solution provider for the removal of H2S as well as Siloxanes and VOC’s from landfill gas and digester gas. Unlike many in the industry, we focus on what we do well and only offer solutions in areas where we bring the best treatment process and substantial expertise.  

Theia offers solutions for removing any level of H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) from landfill gas or digester gas. We offer the most effective and efficient dry media and equipment for H2S removal. Theia has also developed a number of simple but effective H2S treatment technologies for addressing very high H2S levels. These systems mitigate the operating costs while keeping the capital costs competitive with dry media systems.

Theia also offers solutions for the removal of Siloxanes, Silanes, Silanols and VOC’s which are designed for your gas stream, your treatment objectives, and your site. We offer a customized blend of medias which represent the most efficient removal overall approach. We also offer equipment designed to provide these medias the most efficient interface with the gas and the target contaminants.  

Theia has replaced older inefficient media in a growing list of locations. Our media can typically be used in existing equipment. Our team will work with you to verify that the equipment can be used for our media and make recommendations if any small upgrades or changes are needed

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