Theia offers the most energy efficient aeration systems in the marketplace.  These systems are also unique in that they are simple.  Simple to install, simple to operate and they require very little maintenance.  What little maintenance is required is all performed on dry land.

All of our systems are designed to operate efficiently while keeping all the critical parts of the system outside of the water.  The only thing that goes under water is pipe. 

Theia is slowly turning the world of aeration on its head.  This unique design allowed mixing and aeration to be applied in one step with an applied aeration efficiency that exceeds all submerged aeration systems.  Because we are pushing a non-compressible fluid, this process is also a great deal more energy efficient than conventional aeration systems, not to mention lower in capital costs.

Today, with other companies trying to copy us, our 2.2 to 1 air-to-water ratio and lower pressure drop keeps us well ahead of other self aspirating aerators.

Despite its energy efficiency, many of the other advantages of our design made us a favorite of wastewater operators everywhere.

  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of access and maintenance
  • Directly oxidizes H2S instead of stripping it
  • Mixing and aeration in one step
  • Imparts NO heat to the water
  • Allows for tighter DO Control
  • Allows for “turning” of the tank, lagoon or pond
  • Very easy to install
  • Lower capital and installation cost
  • Ideal for retrofits
  • Can be used in Aerobic or Anoxic modes of operation

The Oxygenator approach constantly exposes oxygen deficient water and organic material to oxygen in a high shear environment.   Not only is this approach more efficient but it is more predictable and repeatable.