Landfill Leachate

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Landfill Leachate

Landfill Leachate treatment and handling is a growing problem for landfill operators as well as for the Wastewater systems they discharge to. No wastewater is more difficult to deal with as this water contains almost every type of waste.  

Theia offers Solutions for both targeted as well as turnkey treatment of Landfill Leachate. Targeted solutions include:

  • PFAS removal: Theia’s PFAS removal media will work even in this difficult environment delivering high efficiency removal and long bed life.  
  • H2S Hydrogen Sulfide: Theia’s H2S mitigation and elimination systems can take on any level of  H2S and eliminate it, safely and cost effectively. 
  • Ammonia removal: Theia offers both air stripping and biological means of eliminating Ammonia.
  • BOD/COD: Theia will work with the existing storage lagoons and ponds and can quickly convert them to effective treatment systems.  
  • Metals Removal. Theia offers removal technologies for metals which can be effective even in this difficult environment.  

Whether you are treating specific aspects of your Leachate or require turnkey Leachate Treatment, Theia offers your best solution.

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