Wisconsin Landfill – RNG

Theia is more than just great H2S media. We also supply the best gas treatment equipment and systems in the industry and have a number of options based on the budget and the design that the customer wants to implement.  We are a key supplier to a number of the companies which package RNG (renewable natural gas) providing their H2S and Siloxanes treatment requirements.  

Recently, Theia worked with one of these major gas producers to design the H2S treatment portion of their RNG purification system.    The customer has created a separate company to focus on extracting and refining methane produced by landfills and large digesters.   As always, Theia worked with customer to adapt with changes to the design even while constructing the treatment system. Theia shipped the equipment in September of 2019.  The system is designed to treat 3100 cfm of gas with 250 to 500 ppmv of gas, while only requiring vessel change out 1 or 2 times a year.   The system has been running since that time and the customer has replaced the media once since startup, lasting 30% longer than had been projected by Theia or the customer.