Stormwater retention ponds are a critical part of any construction site or development.  However, they can quickly turn into a nuisance for homeowners and contractors. Problems range from aesthetic issues, such as discolored water to odors, and even health issues as they become septic and filled with solids, etc. 

Theia offers simple solutions which are efficient and cost effective. Recently, we were asked to assist an engineering customer in managing a half acre, million gallon detention pond in an upscale development. The pond was greenish brown and the turbidity was well outside of the acceptable levels for discharge of any of the water.

Theia worked with the customer to design a simple yet effective system that can be applied easily and quickly to get the pond in compliance and looking good.  

Theia provided:

  • the means of drawing water out of the pond and putting it back in including piping, hose and floats, etc.
  • an efficient polymer injection and make down system.
  • a mixing loop to get the polymer mixed with the larger body of water.
  • polymer that had been tested to be effective with the solids.
  • start up and training as well as support for the service.
  • design and construction drawings.

Theia worked with the customer to set the system up and fine tune it. After a day and a half the pond was looking good and the turbidity level was in compliance with the permit for discharge.