Welcome Anna. Theia is excited to have Anna DeCecco join our team as a project engineer. Anna graduated in May from Penn State with a degree in environmental systems engineering. Anna is already helping to get our production process in better order and has brought new energy to the company.  

 It was serendipity that brought Anna to us. Theia had conducted a process to find an engineer earlier but had come up empty. We also needed (and still need) more physical help in the actual construction of our treatment systems. I posted a note on Linked-In hoping to get some candidates for that position. One of the responses we received was from Anna. Luckily, my note was not specific as to the type of help we needed and Anna decided to respond. 

 When we saw her resume and got to meet her, we knew we could not pass up this fortuitous opportunity and hired her for an initial part time period. Anna agreed to join us full time a few weeks ago and is now part of the team.