Theia was contacted by an environmental consultant to help out with a fast paced and very strategic gas treatment project.  Their client, a New York based energy management company, was installing a permanent H2S (hydrogen sulfide) treatment system for digester gas at one of their facilities in northern NJ.  The client had already selected and purchased the permanent treatment process but needed a temporary treatment solution while they were conducting work on the site required to implement this process and to tie the gas lines in to their permanent connections.


Before performing this work, the piping sections to be disturbed needed to be purged of the gas contained in the pipe.  As this gas contained high levels of H2S, this purged gas would need to be treated to remove ALL Hydrogen Sulfide.


The volume of gas to be treated was estimated at 60,000 cubic feet and was a mixture of nitrogen and methane that contained high levels of H2S.  Due to the H2S, the customer needed to be able to vent the gas and remove the H2S before they could move forward with the rest of the project.  Because the project was in NJ, the system needed to guarantee 100% removal and needed to have a discharge stack that was at a minimum of 20 feet above grade.   The client also wanted the solution to be portable to facilitate the installation and removal process.


Theia designed, submitted and delivered a portable treatment system that fulfilled all requirements within a couple of weeks from the first contact.  Theia delivered the system to the site and assisted in the connection of the system.  The system performed perfectly, allowing the customer to conduct their work quickly and ahead of schedule.  Theia returned to the site and removed the system, bringing it back to our facility.   The spent media was utilized in a test program for beneficial reuse.


The is not the end of the story, however.  The customer contacted Theia shortly after, asking how quickly the system could be re-mobilized.   The permanent system, which was procured from a Colorado-based iron sponge vendor, failed almost immediately upon being connected.  The fiberglass vessels provided with the system had severe leaks and would need to be removed and repaired. Now the vessels and the pipeline would need to be purged.  Theia had already decommissioned the system but got it ready to go back to the site within days.  The trailer was redelivered to the site, set up, and once again performed flawlessly.


This customer should have joined the growing list of those who are replacing iron sponge with Theia’s H2S Rex media or other solutions. LEARN MORE HERE